FAQs "Safe Expo" Hygiene Concept

Which basic measures are included in the hygiene concept?

Contact tracing / registration

To ensure contact tracing, all persons – exhibitors, visitors, service personnel etc. – must be digitally registered at the Leipziger Messe ticket shop when entering the grounds.

Surname, first name, telephone number and e-mail address as well as postal address are recorded. At the event, visitors' tickets are scanned to record the duration of each stay.

3G rule

For the protection of all involved, persons will only be admitted to events if they can show proof of a negative rapid antigen test from a testing centre (not older than 24 hours), complete vaccination or recovery. (Children under 6 are exempt from testing. Pupils who are tested while attending school may use this proof for admission. The proof must be up to date for the week and must be proven by an appropriate document.)

Compulsory masks

People with physical limitations or people for whom it is impossible or unreasonable to wear a mask for health reasons are also exempt with appropriate proof of exemption from the obligation to wear a mask).

Social distancing

Our events are designed so that a minimum distance of 1.5 metres can be observed at all times.

What are the rules for exhibitors? Do the same rules apply to exhibitors?

During events, the rules of Leipziger Messe hygiene concept apply to all participants (exhibitors, visitors, service personnel, employees).

During construction and disassembly, the Workplace Ordinance (Arbeitsstättenverordnung) is valid.

Is it compulsory to wear a mask within the grounds?

Yes. At trade fairs, it is compulsory to wear a mask everywhere within the grounds. Visitors can remove masks when staying in one place, eating at a catering facility or in meetings at the exhibition stands, as long as these take place at designated seating areas.

How can social distancing be maintained?

  • We use floor markings and directional signage systems to ensure compliance with social distancing regulations and avoid bunching in queues. This is particularly the case in checkout and entrance areas, cloakrooms and catering facilities.
  • Entrance and exit areas have been separated. The main aisles at trade fairs have been widened.
  • The number of people using the lifts at any one time is restricted.
  • The number of chairs at lectures will be determined according to the relevant 7-day incidence or warning level. Overall, the number of people in any lecture room may not exceed the number of chairs available.

What should I do if I contract COVID-19 after visiting an event at Leipziger Messe?

Please inform the public health office immediately. All necessary measures will then be taken.

Tickets / admissions

What do I need for entry to the trade fair grounds?

  • The "3G rule" (fully vaccinated, fully recovered or recently tested) applies and it is compulsory to wear a mask. There will be checks on entry as well as within the trade fair grounds.
  • If the overstrain level has not come into effect, then a rapid test from an official testing site (not older than 24 hours) is sufficient.
  • If the overstrain level is reached, then participants must be fully vaccinated or recovered ("2G rule") or be able to show a valid PCR test (not older than 48 hours).

Information on the overstrain level

According to the latest Corona Protection Ordinance, there are now warning levels related to incidence levels and hospital bed capacity. Should the highest state health authority declare the overstrain level, there will continue to be contact tracing, compulsory masks and social distancing. IN ADDITION, the "2G rule", which requires participants to be vaccinated, recovered or PCR-tested within the last 48 hours, will then come into effect, making the entry stricter than with the "3G rule".

Do the restrictions on admissions also apply to children?

Children under 6 are exempt from the "3G rule" and from wearing a mask.

Which evidence do pupils need?

Pupils do not need to provide proof of Corona testing under the 3G rule if they are tested weekly for the virus at school. If this weekly testing occurs, age is sufficient as proof, as school attendance is mandatory in Germany. Students who are not tested weekly at school must provide a current rapid antigen test (no older than 24 hours) if not vaccinated or recovered.

Do students have to show their student ID?

No student ID is required for checking the admission rules relating to the "Safe Expo" hygiene measures. However, when checking the eligibility of a discounted ticket "Day Ticket Children", a proof such as a student ID or a document of legitimation must be carried.

Is my ticket only valid on a certain day?

Please visit the event website for more information.

Are there access restrictions? Can the trade fair grounds be shut down or closed at short notice?

  • To ensure social distancing, there is a maximum number of people allowed on the trade fair grounds at any one time. The number of visitors is overseen and regulated using technical equipment.
  • Since tickets are only available online and in advance, it is possible to estimate the number of visitors in advance and adapt the concept for entry and duration of visits accordingly.
  • We are not expecting long waiting times or closure of the trade fair grounds.

Testing Centre

Is there a testing centre on the trade fair grounds?

Leipziger Messe does not have its own testing centre. For those requiring a test, a list of all testing centres can be found here: www.leipzig.de/coronavirus

Detailed information is available at: www.leipziger-messe.de/safeexpo

The latest information on safety measures for each event can be found on the event's website.

Last updated: September 2021