Hygiene Concept "Safe Expo"

"Safe Expo" for the Protection of Participants at Trade Fairs and Congresses

Stand: 2020

In view of the current situation, trade fairs and congresses are more vital than ever as platforms and meeting spaces.

Our "Safe Expo" hygiene concept has been tested and proven to ensure that trade fairs can be held safely. It is being continuously adapted to comply with the current legal restrictions. For this purpose, we maintain close contact with the authorities.

The "Safe Expo" hygiene concept includes the following measures:

Measures On the Grounds of the Leipziger Messe

  • Hand disinfectant dispensers are located throughout the grounds of the Leipziger Messe, both in the entrance and exit areas and in front of the sanitary facilities.
  • Bathrooms, contact surfaces and objects are cleaned and disinfected with increased frequency during events. The cleaning is regularly quality controlled.
  • Contactless payment is possible in many areas – including trade fair restaurants and bistros. Most cash registers are equipped with EC/credit card terminals.
  • The buildings are fitted with very efficient ventilation systems. These are being operated with an increased volume of outside air. This enables continuous exchange of air in the exhibition halls.
  • All counters across the exhibition grounds where employees and participants meet (including the press centre, cash desks, exhibition shop, information stands) are equipped with transparent partition walls made of glass or plastic.
  • Hygiene regulations supplement the technical guidelines for the construction and operation of the exhibition stands.
  • The employees of Leipziger Messe receive regular training. A risk assessment based on SARS-CoV-2 occupational safety standards has been conducted for all of them.
  • Staffing schedules for service and security personnel are individually tailored to each event. Our staff are actively working to ensure compliance with the hygiene concept regulations.
  • Implementation of the measures is continuously monitored.
  • Exhibitors can find more detailed information on stand construction and stand catering here.

Measures During a Visit to an Event

  • We use floor markings and specially designed route guidance systems to comply with the social distancing regulation of a minimum of 1.5 metres and to manage queues. This particularly applies to service facilities (cash registers, coat-rooms, catering facilities) and entrance areas.
  • Organisational measures enable us to avoid high concentrations of people in certain areas. These include separate entry and exit areas. At trade fairs, the main exhibition aisles are enlarged to a minimum width of 4 metres. The use of the lifts is limited. As the minimum distance cannot be maintained in the sanitary facilities, the number of visitors admitted at the same time will be limited. Protective masks are mandatory. Paper towels are provided and disinfectant dispensers are available.
  • We will draw attention to all measures at the exhibition centre with the necessary frequency and in a suitable form (including posters, notices, flyers, loudspeaker announcements). The information is based on recommendations from the Robert Koch Institute and the Federal Centre for Health Education. For lectures, the distance between chairs will be increased or empty chairs will be introduced to maintain a minimum distance of 1.5 metres between visitors. As a general rule, no more visitors may be present in a given room than there are seats available. For events with more than 1000 people, there will be a registration to allocate seats to visitors.
  • Persons suspected of having COVID-19 and those entering from a foreign risk area with quarantine restrictions will not be allowed to enter. People travelling from risk areas within Germany will continue to have access to all trade fairs and congresses. The ban on accommodation for travellers from high-risk areas within Germany, imposed by some federal states, does not apply to business travellers. From 17 October 2020 there will be no restrictions in Saxony for either tourists or business travellers.
  • Isolated treatment is possible in the event of a suspected COVID-19 case during the trade fair. The medical staff is prepared to deal with any suspected cases.
  • Direct contacts of more than 15 minutes are documented by the exhibitors at the exhibition stands for follow-up purposes in the event of a possible infection.
  • We recommend using the Federal Government's Corona-Warn-App.

Registering for a Trade Fair or Event

  • The number of visitors who can attend at any one time is limited and determined in advance for each event, ensuring that the minimum distance of 1.5 metres can be maintained.
  • Visitors, exhibitors and service providers will be informed well in advance of the event about the necessary hygiene measures as well as the restrictions on participants.
  • Visitors can only receive tickets in advance and online via our ticket shop. This avoids the need for queues a the ticket office. If necessary, tickets can also be issued with a time allocation.
  • We are obliged to register all visitors, exhibitors, media representatives, VIPs and stand builders. Surname, first name, e-mail address and telephone number are recorded as part of the registration process. Entry and exit times are recorded as part of the access control at the entrances. This means that anyone present at the same time can be contacted for follow-up in case of a possible infection.

Arrival and Departure

  • Events are announced to transport companies in advance to help them plan schedules and vehicle deployment.
  • We are in close coordination with the public transport system regarding routing between stops and entrance areas.
  • If you arrive by car, please make sure you have the parking fee available as appropriate.

Catering at the Trade Fair

  • Trade fair restaurants, bistros and catering are also subject to the Corona Protection Ordinance issued on 29 September 2020 and the General Decree on the Enforcement of the Infection Protection Act issued on 25 August 2020 by the Saxon State Government.
  • Separate hygiene concepts are drawn up in accordance with the specific regulations for catering services. We are following solutions currently used in the catering industry.
  • Physical separation within catering facilities as well as the availability of takeaway options ensure our compliance with the applicable rules.
  • Service-staff all wear mouth and nose coverings. Serving areas are equipped with transparent partition walls made of glass or plastic.
  • Disinfection sprays are also provided in the catering area.
  • The Leipziger Messe GmbH technical guidelines (PDF, 590 kB) remain unchanged.
  • Exhibitors can find more information on catering here .

Recommendations for Exhibitors

Stand Design: Recommendations for Our Exhibitors

  • Design trade fair stands to guarantee a minimum distance of 1.5 m between two persons. Make sure that your stand has sufficient space to move around and use floor markings where necessary.
  • Take organisational measures to ensure that the number of people simultaneously present at the stand complies with the social distancing regulations.
  • If the minimum distance cannot be maintained, you should implement suitable protective measures. Such measures may include, for example, mandatory wearing of a mouth and nose protector or the installation of transparent protective screens at contact points such as reception desks.
  • Contact surfaces (e.g. door handles, table surfaces, handrails) should have smooth, easy to clean surfaces and must be cleaned regularly. A normal household cleaner will do.
  • Have hand disinfectant available.
  • Where possible avoid enclosed areas, doors and door handles.
  • The exhibits should be arranged in such a way as to avoid congestion of trade fair participants. Providing sufficient space for the lounge and visitor areas could be one solution.
  • If using devices with touch surfaces, they must be cleaned after every use by qualified stand personnel.
  • Two-storey stands are permitted subject to compliance with the social distancing regulations. Enclosed booths must be ventilated.
  • Designate a person to be responsible for compliance with hygiene and infection control requirements on the stand.
  • Keep a record of set-up and stand personnel in attendance a daily basis.
  • Document your measures in a hygiene concept and keep it on hand at the stand.
  • Inspections by the responsible authorities are to be expected.

Specific recommendations for stand catering can be found here: Stand catering during the corona pandemic

Please note that it is the exhibitors' responsibility to ensure that the hygiene and protection regulations are observed at their stand. Leipziger Messe is unable to authorise any plans with regard to hygiene and infection protection.

The Leipziger Messe GmbH technical guidelines (PDF, 590 kB) remain unchanged.

Stand Catering: Recommendations for Our Exhibitors

The following are general recommendations for stand catering, although these can be applied differently from region to region. The respective official or legal requirements are authoritative in this respect.

We therefore recommend our exhibitors for catering at their exhibition stand:

  • Food and drinks should only be served by service or buffet staff. Wherever employees are to hand these out, they are required to observe the infection prevention measures and should be trained accordingly.
  • Ensure that service personnel and staff at the food and drink counters wear protective mouth and nose masks. Avoid contact with hands.
  • Service personnel and staff at the food and drink counters should be separated from other persons at the stand by transparent protective screens.
  • Contact surfaces (e.g. chairs, table surfaces, menus) should have smooth, easy-to-clean surfaces and must be cleaned after every guest. Common household cleaners are sufficient.
  • Items that have been handled by guests are to be regarded as possible sources of infection. Food and drinks should only be served by service or buffet staff.
  • Only provide milk, sugar, stirrers, cutlery, napkins, biscuits, chocolate etc. if they are individually packaged for self-service.
  • Offer only packaged food. Avoid fresh and unpackaged goods.
  • Do not put out menus.
  • Use disposable crockery and cutlery. When using reusable crockery and cutlery, make sure that it is washed at least 60°C and dried completely.
  • Inspections by the responsible authorities are to be expected.

Please note that it is the exhibitors' responsibility to ensure that the hygiene and protection regulations are observed at their stand. Leipziger Messe is unable to grant approval of any plans with regard to infection control.

The Leipziger Messe GmbH technical guidelines (PDF, 590 kB) remain unchanged.

fairgourmet will gladly advise you on all measures. Reusable crockery and cutlery including a dishwashing service can be ordered through them: www.fairgourmet.de

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