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26/01/2023 Leipziger Messe

Reunion in Leipzig: The Trade Fair Trio Intec, Z and GrindTec is Ready for a New Start

From 7 to 10 March 2023, the industrial trade fairs Intec, Z and GrindTec will be the first major get-together of the year for production technology in the metal processing, subcontracting and machine tool industries in Europe. Over the course of four days, this international trio of trade fairs representing the entire supply chain in the metal processing industry will take place in the halls of Leipziger Messe. The exhibitors, many of whom are renowned national and international market leaders, will be presenting their powerful product innovations at the trade fair trio. In addition, the conference programme will focus on practical issues, providing inspiration for the future and promoting the transfer of knowledge on the top issues facing the industry.

"Intec and Z are finally returning to the exhibition halls. We're so pleased we can resume our industrial trade fairs after the pandemic break. Visitors can look forward to an attractive and comprehensive event. Furthermore, this is the first time that GrindTec will be joining the other two trade fairs. With its focus on tool grinding and tool machining, it complements Intec and Z perfectly. In March 2023, our international trade fair trio will become the centre of attraction for the metalworking, subcontracting and machine tool industries", says Markus Geisenberger, Chief Executive Officer of Leipziger Messe.

Right now, it is vital for exhibitors and visitors that industrial trade fairs like Intec, Z and GrindTec can take place again, Markus Geisenberger emphasises. "Exhibitors and visitors have made it very clear that they desperately need the exchange that our international trade fairs offer. Exhibitors will finally have a chance to present their recently developed innovations and solutions in person. It is also about the industry maintaining and readjusting supply chains, addressing cost increases and becoming more resilient. Our trade fair trio is the perfect platform for engaging in intense dialogue on these issues and for moving ahead with projects".

Intec: Diverse Range Includes All Production Stages of Metalworking

Intec 2023 will host key market leaders in the machine tool industry and respected manufacturers of precision tools such as BIMATEC SORALUCE, CERATIZIT, EMUGE, FANUC, GROB-WERKE, Gühring, HEDELIUS, Hermle, Igus, MAPAL, NILES-SIMMONS, OKUMA, Paul Horn, Profiroll Technologies, SEW, SCHUNK, TRUMPF and ZOLLER. Exhibits at this attractive trade fair will be dominated by machine tools, machine components, tools and clamping devices, along with manufacturing automation and robotics. Once again, a large number of companies from Germany's major machine-building regions in Baden-Württemberg, Bavaria, North Rhine-Westphalia and Saxony will be represented. As things stand today, roughly ten per cent of all exhibitors will be coming from abroad. The majority of international exhibitors are from Switzerland, Italy and Austria.

Z: Perfectly Tailored Platform for Subcontractors and Industrial Service Providers

Z will once again be offering an ideal platform for subcontractors of small and medium-sized production operations as well as industrial service companies to position themselves on the market. The focus at Z here is on subcontractors for mechanical and plant engineering, the automotive and vehicle industries, toolmaking and other industrial sectors. Trade visitors attending this wide-ranging exhibition can find the information they are looking for on new products, materials and processing systems, universally usable as well as highly specialised parts and components, contract manufacturing and services for various stages of industrial production. Just as it has in the past, Z will again host a large number of international companies. Approximately 25 per cent of all exhibitors will be from abroad, especially from Poland, Italy and the Czech Republic.

GrindTec: A Get-Together for Tool Grinders and Tool Machiners

"Exhibitors will be coming to GrindTec 2023 in Leipzig to present new tool grinding and tool machining solutions that reflect the needs of those working as precision tool mechanics. The focus this year is on grinding machines, tool machining systems, their automation and on abrasives", says Prof Dr Wilfried Saxler, Managing Director of Fachverband der Präzisionswerkzeugmechaniker e.V. (Association of German Precision Tool Grinders, FDPW). He also describes a trend that will have a profound impact on industrial and skilled trade processes in the sector in the future. "We need to have serious conversations about adaptive structures that focus on the interaction of people and machines with artificial intelligence. GrindTec will showcase examples of how innovative control and software concepts can be used to seamlessly organise complex systems involving specifications, measurement data, machines and machine workpieces. Visitors will be thrilled to find out about new technologies that will make workflows more efficient, faster and less susceptible to error". Saxler sees laser technology as another area that is highly relevant to the industry. "We're going to see it used more and more for processing hard and exceptionally hard cutting materials and it will keep getting better and more precise". Visitors can also look forward to innovations in measuring and clamping technology as well as in peripheral systems.

Exhibitors' Product Innovations and Developments in the Spotlight

Domestic and international exhibitors will once again be at the upcoming Intec to present powerful new products and services as well as smart, innovative developments from the machine tool and production automation sectors. INDEX-Werke will be exhibiting its new TRAUB TNX220 turn-mill centre. Product features include a leap in performance with an extended turning length of 900 mm. A stable machine design, dynamic axes and simple operation – according to EMAG, these are the cornerstones of the VL 2 vertical turning machine, which the company will be presenting at Intec. Technology and solution provider Industrie-Partner will be bringing its Robo Operator® to Leipzig. This is an automated, mobile, flexible robot cell offering an automation solution for CNC machine tools and automatic assembly machines.

Visitors can also look forward to innovations from exhibitors at the Z subcontractor fair. The all-tight company, a maker of thread-locking devices, will be at the fair with a world premiere. For the first time, the company has made its new, sustainable thread-locking device from materials otherwise used in surgical applications. According to the exhibitor, this conserves resources without sacrificing quality. At Cold Jet's exhibition stand, trade visitors to Leipzig can learn about the company's range of surface preparation and cleaning solutions, these include the PCS® 60 and i3 MicroClean 2 cleaning systems.

Bruker Alicona will be among the exhibitors at GrindTec unveiling innovations. Its new InfiniteFocusG6 3D measuring instrument can take area-based, high-resolution measurements of components regardless of size, material, geometry, weight and surface finish. Heinz Berger Maschinenfabrik will be showcasing its latest generation of RFS/RT/NT peripheral grinding machines for the first time. According to the exhibitor, these grinding machines achieve surface and/or bevel grinding on circular knives, saw blades and circular blanks using the oscillating or plunge grinding method. The additional grinding axis enables subsequent grinds in one clamping, making it possible to grind the surface of the workpiece and incorporate a bevel onto the cutting edge in one work cycle, the company reports.

Practical Conference Programme Complements the Exhibition

Another important event at the trade fair trio is the conference programme on practical topics, which helps participants find answers to their questions on transformation in the industry. Issues affecting the future of the industry will be examined at the the special exhibitions and trade forums entitled " Additive Manufacturing – Evolution of a modern technology", " Sensor technology - use and perspectives in manufacturing", and "Fuel Cell Hub". The international cooperation forum "Welcome to Saxony!" as well as the CONTACT Business Meetings will be all about professional networking across international borders. In addition, the Industry's Hidden Champions Conference, which will also take place during the trade fair trio, will highlight transformation successes in medium-sized companies that lead the global market.

Visitors to GrindTec can expect a conference programme covering a broad range of topics reflecting the many different aspects of tool grinding. The GrindTec FORUM, for instance, will host specialist lectures on highly topical issues in the industry. Complementing this will be the GrindTec CAMPUS, where the industry's scientific institutes will be presenting the latest in research and development. The aim of the TOOLGRINDER CHALLENGE 2023 will be to discover the best precision tool mechanic of the year, while the GrindTec INNOVATION AWARD will honour innovative, powerful, sustainable products, processes and services.


Pre-accreditation for the trade fair trio Intec, Z and GrindTec 2023 is available online at www.messe-intec.de/en/media/accreditation/.

About Intec, Z and GrindTec

The international trade fair trio Intec, Z and GrindTec will take place from 7 to 10 March 2023 at Leipziger Messe. Intec is one of the leading trade fairs for metal processing in Europe. Active global market leaders as well as SMEs make use of the trade fair as an efficient marketplace in the fields of machine tools, systems for automated production and precision tools. As one of Europe's most important subcontracting fairs, Z focuses its exhibition profile on parts, components, modules and technologies. GrindTec, the international leading trade fair for tool grinding and machining, will be held in parallel with Intec and Z as an independent exhibition for products and services surrounding tool machining systems.

More information: www.messe-intec.de


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