06/07/2023 Leipziger Messe

Where Cultural Heritage Meets Technology: Newly Designed MUTEC from 2024

The MUTEC international trade fair for museum and exhibition technology is preparing for the future and has been redesigned for the next edition. To keep pace with the growth experienced at previous events and the speed of innovation in the industry, MUTEC will no longer share an exhibition hall with the European leading trade fair denkmal, but move into the neighbouring hall. Furthermore, the event will be shortened at the request of many participants from the industry. Instead of taking place from Thursday to Saturday, MUTEC is scheduled for Thursday and Friday (7 and 8 November 2024). As usual, this is at the same time as denkmal. Cultural heritage preservation and information remain at the heart of the trade fair, with exhibits ranging from exciting technologies and products to innovative concepts. Attendees can look forward to professional conversations with international experts.

"After the pandemic break, MUTEC celebrated a strong comeback last year. 121 exhibitors from 13 countries made for record participation. There was also an excellent response from visitors to the fair. This year, MUTEC will have its own exhibition hall so it can continue to grow and offer a wider range of exhibits and events. By locating MUTEC and denkmal in separate halls, we are able to fulfil the longstanding wish of those in the industry to make this a two-day trade fair on Thursday and Friday", explains Mariella Riedel, Project Director of MUTEC and denkmal.

The redesigned MUTEC opens up significant opportunities to continue enhancing the content of the trade fair. Upgrades for the next edition include additional demonstration areas where the numerous innovations in museum and exhibition technology can be appropriately showcased and presented. Furthermore, a second forum will be added to the established MUTEC Forum so the much-loved conference programme can be extended to include a larger number of interesting talks, discussion panels and workshops.

Exhibitors interested in taking part can register for the next edition of MUTEC from September 2023. The trade fair will take place on 7 and 8 November in Leipzig.

As always, visitors with a MUTEC ticket will also be able visit the denkmal trade fair.

More Information: www.mutec.de/en


Felix Wisotzki
Press Spokesperson
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