Open to the World: Both as a Guiding Principle and by Tradition

Leipzig is trade fairs, trade Fairs are Leipzig. Cosmopolitanism, tolerance and dialogue have brought prosperity to the city, to commerce and to the trade fair. This is something we have worked towards for more than 850 years. We are committed to a humanist world view and reject all forms of racism, the exclusion of minorities and violence. Our trade fairs, congresses and events are places for people to come together and communicate. They are open to the world, international and intercultural. We provide a platform for our visitors, exhibitors and partners to engage in conversation, exchange opinions, initiate and conclude business deals.

Our trade is governed by the Basic Law. Guaranteeing freedom of opinion and diversity of opinion is part of our commitment to democratic values. However painful confrontation with opposing opinions may be, a democracy can and must endure it. Reasonable discourse is important to us at the Leipziger Messe. We are also clearly opposed to any form of extremism, racism and incitement.

The same values and attitudes also form the basis of our daily actions. The Leipziger Messe team is made up of colleagues from different cultures who contribute to our success with their knowledge and experience. Tolerance and being open to the world are essential cornerstones for us as an internationally active Group of Companies in our cooperation with our partners and customers from all over the world.

The values and attitudes practised for centuries by our city and our trade fair also serve as a guide for the way ahead. We would like to share this path with you, our visitors, exhibitors and partners, and we look forward to future projects and events.

Martin Buhl-Wagner

Markus Geisenberger